Christmas time – for the first time with Matyáš

In autumn me and my husband welcomed a baby boy Matyáš. So this year’s xmas were really different for us. There were three of us, not just two. Maty is still small baby, so he didn’t realize the whole xmas atmosphere but I felt so special :-) I really looked forward to introduce my boy to the whole family for the very first time…

Our holiday card:

2017-11-26 Maty_PF2017_small

Few pictures from xmas cookies baking. Unfortunately the wine wasn’t mine – maybe next year 😀

2017-12-20 Vinne cukrovi (1)2017-12-20 Vinne cukrovi (2)2017-12-20 Vinne cukrovi (3)

My new mommy role:

_DSC9313 _DSC9317

Christmas Eve at my brother’s house:

_DSC9405 _DSC9434 _DSC9441 _DSC9444 _DSC9479 _DSC9482 _DSC9511 _DSC9528

My father-in-law and his family adoring newborn Maty…

_DSC9629 _DSC9630 _DSC9645


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Long lost princess

After a long time back to studio for a little photo shooting!

In these extremely cold days it’s nice not to freeze outside but enjoy a warm small studio and pretend to be someone else. Maybe a long lost princess from Siberia? :-) Who knows! Hope you like fairytales! 😉

_DSC2072_DSC2097_DSC2091 _DSC2084 _DSC2078_DSC2082

Silk blouse | Crepe skirt | Ushanka hat | E-bay necklace | Rimmel lipstick


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