Shades of Grey

Yes yes yes, the Fifty Shades of Grey fever is all around us – so let’s see what all the fuss is about :-)

Grey doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you pair it with nice silver accessories. I also like to pair grey with baby pink! These two colors go perfectly together and they create a nice harmony!

So be playful and show your Mr. Grey your subtle side of you :-)

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H&M coat | Bershka jeggins | Vagabond flats | Reserved sweater | 1-2-3 necklace

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Girly denim

If you are like me then you can’t wait to wear your denim jacket again after that looooong winter! Unfortunately it’s still pretty damn cold outside so I used it not as an upper layer but instead of a sweater! Thank god, the boots are not a necessity anymore! :-)

What I truly like about this outfit is the skirt! The embellished belt creates a nice optical division and what is another great benefit are the pockets!

Notice also a cute girly little detail – the necklace! Two little birds kissing :-)


H&M coat | H&M skirt | Levi’s denim jacket | Mango long sleeve t-shirt | Tchibo tights | Italian handbag | World market necklace | CCC pumps

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Wine not

The winter is almost over, so I wanna exploit the opportunity to have probably for the last time warm boots and dark lipstick!

So this time it’s about the days with still quite cold mornings with afternoons that can get nice and cozy :-)

So my recommendation is – layers layers layers!


Jane Bond coat | Bershka jeggins | Orsay cardigan | Jannis fashion boots | Promod tanktop | Italian handbag | H&M necklace | Zara scarf

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