Valentine’s Day

Preparations for Valentine’s Day can be stressful for some of us. Don’t beat yourself up and just be yourself. It’s not necessary to always wear high heels a short skirts. Guys should use their imagination :-) Show them how beautiful you are in not so obvious way.

Choose a dress which shows your figure, wear a shorter jacket (in love with this denim one ♥) that highlights your waist and don’t be afraid to wear flats or even boots (it’s freezing in Prague)! Comfortable shoes are a big plus if you’re planning a romantic walk through the city! 😉

Enjoy your dates ladies and see you next week! Can’t wait!

_DSC2378_DSC2373_DSC2367_DSC2349 _DSC2317_DSC2328_DSC2316_DSC2310_DSC2392

ONLY coat from ZOOT | Levi’s denim jacket | VILA dress from ZOOT | backpack bought in London market | Jannis fashion boots | Calzedonia tights | Pimkie scarf | Emporio sport glasses


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Long lost princess

After a long time back to studio for a little photo shooting!

In these extremely cold days it’s nice not to freeze outside but enjoy a warm small studio and pretend to be someone else. Maybe a long lost princess from Siberia? :-) Who knows! Hope you like fairytales! 😉

_DSC2072_DSC2097_DSC2091 _DSC2084 _DSC2078_DSC2082

Silk blouse | Crepe skirt | Ushanka hat | E-bay necklace | Rimmel lipstick


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