Laced black and white

Black and white – two of mine favorite colors! The combination of these can be classy and timeless, you have to be careful not to look too old and too much like a “waitressy”.

So classic button-down and black pans is a no go, but anything with more interesting cut or a bit unusual can make a huge difference!

My outfit is simple – my favorite super comfortable jeggins combined with a nice a bit fancy top and finished with faux leather jacket and classic trench coat. Heels for the evening, chic flats for a long day at work!

So, anyone for a drink tonight? 😉


Pietro Filipi  trench coat | New Yorker faux leather jacket | Bershka jeggins | Only tank top | Guess pumps | Steve Madden tote bag

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Girly denim

If you are like me then you can’t wait to wear your denim jacket again after that looooong winter! Unfortunately it’s still pretty damn cold outside so I used it not as an upper layer but instead of a sweater! Thank god, the boots are not a necessity anymore! :-)

What I truly like about this outfit is the skirt! The embellished belt creates a nice optical division and what is another great benefit are the pockets!

Notice also a cute girly little detail – the necklace! Two little birds kissing :-)


H&M coat | H&M skirt | Levi’s denim jacket | Mango long sleeve t-shirt | Tchibo tights | Italian handbag | World market necklace | CCC pumps

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