Sailing away

Especially in summer I really enjoy emphasizing my waistline. It’s very feminine and it creates a nice hourglass figure. So I wear a lot of high waist skirts and I’m tucking in the t-shirts and tank tops. I feel the best in these outfits, because the parts of my body I wanna highlight are accented and the parts I’m a bit insecure are hidden 😉

How do you have it? Are you putting on display your virtues? :-)


Levi’s denim jacket | Mango skirt | Zara tanktop | Baťa sandals | Mango tote bag | H&M necklace | H&M flower accessory


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Shorts and stripes!

We all sometimes have the days when we don’t wanna dress up and ideal solution would be to stay at home all day in pajamas and messy bun. So, how to handle these days? Comfortable sweater which is a bit loose with shorts can do the trick. It is stylish yet comfortable. Don’t forget nice necklace which brightens the outfit.

So have fun!


H&M sweater | F&F shorts | Tchibo tights | CCC pumps | e-bay necklace

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Stripes with pearls

Very classic combination of grey and black freshened up by stripes and bold necklace. The ballerina skirt creates nice waistline and the black tights with black shoes have a slimming and lengthening effect. Instead of a t-shirt you can also have a nice sweater or a chic blouse, but the whole outfit would seem much more formal, which is great for business meetings or fancy dinner :-)


F&F skirt | C&A long sleeve t-shirt | Tchibo tights | CCC pumps

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