Long lost princess

After a long time back to studio for a little photo shooting!

In these extremely cold days it’s nice not to freeze outside but enjoy a warm small studio and pretend to be someone else. Maybe a long lost princess from Siberia? :-) Who knows! Hope you like fairytales! 😉

_DSC2072_DSC2097_DSC2091 _DSC2084 _DSC2078_DSC2082

Silk blouse | Crepe skirt | Ushanka hat | E-bay necklace | Rimmel lipstick


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Little Italy

Sunny morning, bit chilly outside. Need to keep warm but still feel feminine. I love skirts and turtlenecks. What about you?

Combination of army green with beige is classic! Blue coat goes together with everything from jeans to business wear. Yellow to add an extra pop of color otherwise the outfit would be too neutral and for some people boring. And sunglasses? To keep extra cool 😀 :-)

_dsc1296_dsc1300 _dsc1303_dsc1313 _dsc1320_dsc1322_dsc1325_dsc1331

Benetton coat | Reserved skirt | Sport Mode turtleneck | Tchibo tights | Orsay scarf | Italian boots and gloves | Oscar De La Renta sunglasses


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