A little party never killed nobody

Colorful, fun and sooo practical! :-)

Floral dress is a great and fun piece that you simply can’t ignore!  With massive but one colored necklace it creates a very nice combination. Denim jacket will give it a youthful spin on the other hand black trench coat makes it more elegant.

So, let’s enjoy a weekend because a little party never killed nobody! 😉

_DSC0640 _DSC0650_DSC0656 _DSC0658_DSC0673 _DSC0676_DSC0679_DSC0687

Pietro Filipi  trench coat | Levi’s denim jacket | H&M dress | Tchibo tights | Vagabond flats | Longchamp purse | Tally Weilj necklace

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Play it cool!

Double denim? Sure! No problem! But only advice, not in the same tone! So white jeans with classic blue button down is a super safe and stylish option. Faux leather jacket for laidback look. Colorful necklace to give an extra spark 😉 Playful bun is just a cherry on top 😀

_DSC0397 _DSC0400 _DSC0407_DSC0412_DSC0425_DSC0434_DSC0442 _DSC0449

Forever 21 faux leather jacket | Tezenis denim shirt | H&M jeans | Vagabond flats | Longchamp purse| e-bay necklace

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