A little party never killed nobody

Colorful, fun and sooo practical! :-)

Floral dress is a great and fun piece that you simply can’t ignore!  With massive but one colored necklace it creates a very nice combination. Denim jacket will give it a youthful spin on the other hand black trench coat makes it more elegant.

So, let’s enjoy a weekend because a little party never killed nobody! 😉

_DSC0640 _DSC0650_DSC0656 _DSC0658_DSC0673 _DSC0676_DSC0679_DSC0687

Pietro Filipi  trench coat | Levi’s denim jacket | H&M dress | Tchibo tights | Vagabond flats | Longchamp purse | Tally Weilj necklace

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Play it cool!

Double denim? Sure! No problem! But only advice, not in the same tone! So white jeans with classic blue button down is a super safe and stylish option. Faux leather jacket for laidback look. Colorful necklace to give an extra spark 😉 Playful bun is just a cherry on top 😀

_DSC0397 _DSC0400 _DSC0407_DSC0412_DSC0425_DSC0434_DSC0442 _DSC0449

Forever 21 faux leather jacket | Tezenis denim shirt | H&M jeans | Vagabond flats | Longchamp purse| e-bay necklace

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City overview

Spring weather can be a bit tricky… At one moment it can be nice and sunny and half an hour later the rain appears and temperature drops. So all you need are layers.

You can never miss with a great trench coat. One of the items in your closet that can be more expensive and it will be worth it! Otherwise I love cardigans that has hems, because they are flattering for women with wider hips. Boho tank top and scarf to have a bit of a hippie casual look :-)

_DSC0709 _DSC0712 _DSC0715 _DSC0726 _DSC0743 _DSC0752 _DSC0758 _DSC0766

Pietro Filipi  trench coat | Bershka jeggins | Reserved YFL cardigan | New Yorker tank top | Mango tote bag | Vagabond flats | Klenoty Aurum earrings | Starbucks travel cup

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