Autumn vibes

Do you have an older dress that you like but I needs something? That something could be a great faux leather jacket! Something to give it an edge! So, dig in your closet, take out your long-forgotten dress and bring it back to life! :-)

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Jane Bond coat | New Yorker faux leather jacket | Sensi Wear dress | Steve Madden tote bag | Tchibo tights | Italian shoes | Oscar De La Renta sunglasses | ZOOT scarf


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Sailing away

Especially in summer I really enjoy emphasizing my waistline. It’s very feminine and it creates a nice hourglass figure. So I wear a lot of high waist skirts and I’m tucking in the t-shirts and tank tops. I feel the best in these outfits, because the parts of my body I wanna highlight are accented and the parts I’m a bit insecure are hidden 😉

How do you have it? Are you putting on display your virtues? :-)


Levi’s denim jacket | Mango skirt | Zara tanktop | Baťa sandals | Mango tote bag | H&M necklace | H&M flower accessory


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Parrots print

Looking for a fun dress to friend’s wedding? Are you having a grill party or a boat parade? You cannot leave out printed dresses! Denim jacket makes it more casual, on the other hand the necklace with „more than real diamonds“ makes it fancier :)

Look forward to more of these printed beauties! 😉


Shikha London | Levi’s denim jacket | New Yorker cross bag | F&F strappy sandals | E-bay necklace | Cluse watch | Oriflame sunglasses


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